If you have a few or all of your teeth missing, one solution is to have a denture. Here is how it works:

  1. A denture is made from hard-wearing material that mimics the look of teeth and gums to give your mouth a natural appearance
  2. After impressions are taken, a denture is designed in a dental laboratory
  3. Dentures are made to fit snugly on your gums and you will be able to remove them for cleaning

At Ramani dental studio, we will ask you what your expectations are from your removable denture and discuss the various materials. Dentures can be made of chrome, acrylic or thermoplastic flexible material. Flexible dentures have the advantage of being very thin, flexible and very strong. The material is biocompatible and aesthetically pleasing.

Some patients feel that the appliance “disappears” or is “invisible’ and therefore looks and feels very natural.

If you are having a new denture or replacing your old denture, ask your dentist about flexible dentures.

When you wear a denture for the first time it may take some getting used to when speaking or eating and chewing. It is important that you take extra care when conducting your hygiene regime so that you can avoid bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. The hygienist will be able to show you how to best take care of your denture and gums. They will tell you about specialised brushes you can use to do this.

Life Benefits
  • A solution to replacing several missing teeth
  • Designed to give you a natural looking smile
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